inglish (inglish) wrote in efnet,

alive ?

what ya guys think of the new proposed channel fixer?
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Hrmm... What are the details?
basically to fix channels that become opless
-by frequently recording the channel ops so if the chan becomes opless it has a record of hosts which regularly have op, for more info:
Looks interesting, but what about the exploitability of it? And if this step is made, how different than running chanserve would it be?
well since it will have hidden ip and host + it will only connect for a few seconds to get all the users and hosts im not quite sure of its safety compared to a regular server...
as being still will not own the channel ppl can still do takeovers...but this is JUST to fix opless chans...
Understood. I just think it has the possibility of being a security risk. But we won't know until we try, eh? :)
I would have voted yes.... if i could vote.. but that's a whole other story all together.. hey inglish, if i don't catch you on IRC, add me to the community :)
JUPES* is pretty keen.

*or whatever it is called.